A few heartfelt appreciation letters
  Share Holders:
I sincerely appreciate and thank each one of you for having taken so much pain in going through the mail and responding so promptly and immediately on the subject matter. I shall go through all the details ..... Thanking each one of you once again for all the response and co-operation rendered.
Anuradha Vaidyanath.
Share Holder of Indian Overseas Bank
greatly impressed by the prompt response given by you; thanks for the update  
with regards
Dr.V.Suryaprakasa Rao

Share Holder of Teledata Informatics Ltd
New Delhi
Once again... an amazingly good quality prompt reply !!  
thanks... Gope Kishnani
Share Holder of Manali Petro
New Delhi
Shares received. Your sincerity and investor friendly approach is really exemplary,  
with seasonal greetings
Mahavir Bansal, Advocate

Share Holder of ABAN Offshore Ltd
Thanks for such a lighting quick reply. Keep it up you may be on the track of becoming indias best registrars  
Sandeep Deora

Share Holder of IND Bank Housing
The Certificate for 200 Shares was received yesterday. I am sincerely grateful for all your help and efforts to enable us get the certificate. There are no words that could thank you enough. God Bless You.  
Mr. & Mrs. Rosario D'Souza

Share Holder of Aban Offshore Ltd
Thanks for your prompt action. It is a joy to deal with people like you, who take pride in a job well done. Keep it up. Will revert shortly.  
Alexander Nazareth

Share Holder of Manali Petro
You people are very prompt in responding to customers without causing any delay. It gives me pleasure...  
High regards
Rakesh Gautam

Share Holder of IOB
First of all I would again like to thank you for the prompt reply as I always found from your end. As mentioned in ur last mail, I have acknowledged ....An early response as ever shall be appreciated.  
Sonali Khanna

Share Holder of Manali Petrochemical Limited
I am truly touched by your promptness and clarity. It is indeed of high professional level of attention. I shall abide by your instructions and follow through.  
Best regards.
Dr. G.V. Iyengar

Share Holder of Indian Overseas Bank
Received your mail and got the information required by me. Thanks a lot. I am astonished to see your reply so fast. Really, yours is an excellent service!. Congratulations. Thanks again.  
T. N. Suvarna

Share Holder of Indian Overseas Bank
Thanks indeed for your detailed and lightning quick reply and action!.... Thanks again for your swiftness, I really appreciate it (rather amazed!).  
Mark Vijay

Share Holder of IOB
Thanks for giving such a wonderful service, We appreciate Cameos way of servicing their investors.  
Brig J.S.Ahuja
Share Holder of Vijay Shanti Builders Ltd
Your concern and response is highly appreciable  
Yours faithfuly
P.D.V. Ramachandrudu

Share Holder of Marg Constructions Ltd
Hats off to you and your stalwart rapid action force. Indeed it is a pleasant wonder to have your decision very soon......... May heaven shower blessings upon you as I am in dry need of money and I feel your letter has been delivered by Angels.  

With ocean of thanks

Share Holder of Aban Offshore Ltd
Mangala K Gopani

Thanks a lot for your reply and sincerely thanks from my heart for the followup of the matter. As mentioned by the refund banker that they have received the Pay order .... Awaiting good news from you with interest.  
Thanks and Regards

Investor of Everonn IPO
I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of you, who took extra pains to resolve the issue in proper manner and in time..... Once again I appreciate your timely action.  
With thanks and regards
Roy G. Thomas

Investor of Indian Bank IPO
THANKS thank u very much for sending me refund very fast. your service is very fast. once again  
THANK YOU very much
Birva K Vora

Investor of Indian Bank IPO
Thanks a lot. Yesterday i received the Registry. I am very delighted with your service, keep it up  
Bijay Gupta

Investor of Indian Bank IPO
I am chetan dhrangadiya. i have received cheque of simlex project. thanks for giving me such fast reply and your services regarding IPOs  
Chetan Dhrangadiya
Dr. D Y Patil School of Business Managament.

Investor of Simplex IPO
I would like to sincerely thank you guys for the prompt action. I have received the refund claim yesterday by Speed post.

Investor of Circuit IPO
Please send me speed post on following addreess ...Pls. Confirm me speed post reference no so I could track my post. I am very happy for your service and responce from your side.
Thank you,
Abhilash Kumar Jha

Investor of Simplex IPO
I am quite satisfied by your reply. I am surprised to see that you have taken so much pain to reply and satisfy a tiny investor like me in a very systematic manner. We want people like you. Then only the confidence of retail investors will be restored. It is their hard-earned money. They can not allow to waste it. Thank you very much.  
Manmatha Ranjan Roy
Professor, Msc(Maths), MA (Eng)

Investor of Everonn IPO
Again Many² thanx for Ur great efort & EniCaTve. In adison 2 d above U may pliz send my refund directly credited to my account also as OL as hrough my address as stated.  
With regards,
Jayanta Pramanik,

Investor of Empee IPO
Bangaon Dist,West Bengal
Thank you for your quick response. I have received the pay orders today. I hope you'll maintain the same service in future too. Once again thanking & congratulating you for your services  
with regards,
Navin Kumar Nolkha

Investor of Everonn & Simplex IPO
Both the refunds are deposited in my ICICI bank account yesterday. Thanks for your help & prompt actions. I found cameo services as investor friendly & helping to resolve the issues as soon as possible. Hoping to have your servises all time like this.  
Sanjay Bhatt
Investor of Indian Bank IPO
Thank You for the co-operation extended. Your help is sincerely appreciated.  
Best Regards,
Shonit Bagchi

Investor of Simplex IPO
United Kingdom
Commendable job done by cameo. thanks for your information  
Thanks & Regards
Ravi Maheshwari

Investor of Empee IPO
Thank you for the concern shown and prompt replies to the mails that I sent across. I collected the cheque from the courier.  
Thanks & Regards,
Dwaraka Ramana

Investor of Everonn IPO
sorry for the delayed response, I have received the refund order. Thanks a million for your wonderful service.  
S Krishna Kishore

Investor of Dhanus IPO
Good morning....I am really happy with your quick response. I got my refund on Aug 18, 2007. Once again thanks for your quick response.  
Adilakshmi Devi.N

Investor of Everonn IPO
Thank you for the update, appreciate the prompt and courteous service.

Best Regards,
Investor of Indian Bank IPO
Jose George
We are in receipt of your refundorder . I really appreciate for the speedy action taken by u. Thanx a lot for the same.  

Larsen & Toubro Ltd

Investor of Everonn IPO

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